So the Washington State Patrol Shows Up…

So the Washington State Patrol Shows Up...

So I was out amongst the tulips last night and this truck comes onto the field followed by a sheriffs car and a WSP. It was about 20 mins to sunset but I thought wow I wonder what this guy did and this should be good. Well they pull into my row and all get out and they are going to take photos of themselves and the new WSP car. With phone cameras. The guy is John Roozen, the owner of all the fields up there. So I offered to help 🙂 I got all their cards to send them the pix.

Finding a Unique Spot in Cinque Terre

Finding a Unique Spot in Cinque Terre

Hard to do but with some hiking I think its possible. I was staying in Manarola last year and found this narrow entryway with almost vertical stairs. I climbed and climbed and found this nice perch. Probably not terribly unique but a nice way to burn off all that pasta eaten that week.

Revisiting Old Photos

Revisiting Old Photos

This time last year I was in Italy along the coast. I was looking into my April Tulip photo pictures and of course the Italy folders were in there. So I went back and re-did a few sunsets. This one I think turned out especially nice

Flowers in the ‘Hood

Flowers in the 'Hood

Its been pretty gray around here this week. 50 Shades of Gray even. No sun until next Tuesday apparently. So I’ve taken to walking around my neighborhood looking for color and flowers. And I cleaned my sensor. Lots of Skagit Valley dust on it.

Waiting for the Next Weather Window

Waiting for the Next Weather Window

Looks like it will be nice in the tulip fields again next week, after the weekend of course. Really enjoyed last night and some soft focus fast prime work amongst the blooms. Was talking to another photographer to turned out to be the founder of KISW, the main rock station in Seattle. This was a handheld shot, natural light with my new almost 40yo Minolta Rokkor 58mm f/1.2 lens. Straight out of the camera except for some sharpening.

Chasing Tulip Field Sunstars

Chasing Tulip Field Sunstars

Ok so this is the opposite direction of the sun, and any potential sunstars, but it signifies the beginning of my muddy journey to the sunstar catching position. This is the field on Best Road in Skagit. Chances are I will be back there tonight.