6am In The Mount Baker Ski Area Parking Lot

6am In The Mount Baker Ski Area Parking Lot

Google maps said about 2.5 hours from Seattle, which was about right. I arrived and contemplated napping until the clouds burned off but decided to be true to my goal and got sorted out and geared up. I put on my Sorels and started hiking up the ski trail to Artist’s Point, my goal. The trail reports never seem to give an accurate idea of the climbing involved. I was soon taking several breaks to inconspicuously gasp.

Why I was being inconspicuous I have no idea. I looked around and marveled at the silence and calm. Then I noticed a small group a long way down the hill from me. That got me motivated and off I went. About 3/4s up I was tired of postholing so I put on my snowshoes which made the going a lot easier.

To sum up, I got to the point, saw little except low ceiling clouds. The small party of 20somethings caught up with me. We headed back down and I caught this nice vista of Mount Shuksan peaking out from under the clouds. Soon my nap awaited 🙂

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