Going Back To Being Hip….A Sad Micro-Note in the Ongoing Android/Iphone Story.

Going Back To Being Hip....A Sad Micro-Note in the Ongoing Android/Iphone Story.

So this really has nothing to do with me driving in the rain. I found that photo when I was clearing off my Samsung Note 2. I decided to abandon its massive screen and S Pen allure for the truer colors and easier sync of my old friend IPhone 4s.

I show off a lot of photos on my phone and couldn’t get the colors correct on the Samsung. The size of the thing wasn’t an issue; I’m used to holding big things in my hand (heh). The large screen is certainly useful. I also got weary of sync issues with Outlook/links/etc. and constantly reinstalling drivers so my Win7 laptop would recognize the phone. Lastly it also bothered me that I couldn’t seem to pick the phone up without accidentally calling someone, setting off some noise or opening a webpage. The good news is that my Samsung Note 2, being in pristine shape, commands a nice price on Ebay. I’m sure there will be thrilled buyers.

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