Last of the Rhododendrons?

Last of the Rhododendrons?

Seems like things are wrapping up along Azalea row in the Arboretum. I wandered down there last night to find some peace and color. These brilliant orange blooms really stood out. Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 and Canon 5D2

Getting Out of Bed at 3am: Manmade Baker Lake Charms

Getting Out of Bed at 3am:  Manmade Baker Lake Charms

Visited Baker Lake again this morning to look for Mount Baker reflections. Left at 445am. Found many bear tracks, a few geese and a couple of nice reflections. Really mean to go back again earlier for sunrise reflections but the whole leaving at 3am thing seems to conspire against me.

The water level is a lot higher now with snow meltoff which is a plus for reflections. Now If I can just throw myself out of bed earlier…

Smells Like Nectar

Smells Like Nectar

Seriously…walking through the Arboretum. All the various scents. That and a warm dusk evening with cool breezes. I decided to take out my Zeiss 100mm makro planar instead of my other usual flower lenses.

A Different Kind Of Twilight Near FOrks

A Different Kind Of Twilight Near Forks

Decided to do a quick road trip to Second Beach on the coast for low tides and clear skies. Zeiss 28mm shot on a spectacular evening 🙂

Seattle Arboretum Rhododendron Color

Seattle Arboretum Rhododendron Color

Realizing that Rhododendrons were in bloom in my own garden, I headed down to the Seattle Arboretum to see what was happening. A lot of color! Many species were in bloom and others were just starting. Because I tend to like to photography flowers backlit, I wear bright colors and move slowly so when I come out from a group of blooms, no one gets startled. Still happens though…