Straight Out of the Camera or Hours of Photoshop…Does It Matter?

Straight Out of the Camera or Hours of Photoshop...Does It Matter?

As I’ve said, my poetry is thin depth of field floral photography. I take these shots handheld (tripod feels too limiting) and shoot fast primes usually wide open at f/1.4 or 1.2. Razor thin dof which does wonderful things with the rest of the out of focus shot.

I’ve noticed reading feedback that many people assume I created the background in photoshop. These shots are straight out of my camera and aside from a little sharpening and white balance warming, untouched.

Does it matter? I used to get frustrated about people assuming my art was manufactured. Now they seem to think I’m a photoshop master, slaving away for hours with Gaussian blur.

I should add that when these are printed on canvas, people think I’m a master painter. But that’s another topic…

Do I need to educated the masses about fast primes, or should I just let it lie.

My Happy Place

My Happy Place

Amongst the roses at the Woodland Park Zoo Rose Garden. I usually get here around dusk for the best light. The parking lot is empty; I can only imagine the pandemonium during the day. The garden is also usually empty. I head for two favorites: Hot Cocoa and Brass Band. I also watch out for bunnies which live in the park. Its always good contemplation and photography time. Lens-wise, I go with my Zeiss 50mm or 40yo radioactive Minolta 58mm f/1.2. Both excel at turning the background into an impressionist painting.

Connoisseurs of Old Woodwork

Connoisseurs of Old Woodwork

I hadn’t ever thought of myself this way but after visiting Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria BC, I couldn’t deny it. We had a great time examining the fruits of the Castle’s restoration work. I also like stained glass and there was much to see an enjoy here.