Art in the Garden Event in Ballard Aug 10

Art in the Garden Event in Ballard Aug 10


Coming up next week is the annual Art in the Garden fundraiser for the Ballard P-Patch off of 85th. This event features 19 local artists, 4 live acoustic bands, beer garden pouring Maritime Pacific, two food trucks, silent auction etc etc. Guaranteed gorgeous weather  Starts at 11am.

I will have a booth near the entrance featuring a selection of my latest prints, both framed and on canvas. Hope you can attend.


Mike Reid
Flower and Nature Photography

Lake Tipsoo and Naches Loop Overnight

Lake Tipsoo and Naches Loop Overnight

First off I have to say I really enjoyed this hike and got some great photos but the highlight of the trip was meeting one of WTA’s own hiking celebrities, HikingQueen 🙂 Two people on the loop at 5am and she was one of them. We were discussing Don’s trip report where he reported no bugs. We saw/met/dined with plenty.

I showed up at 8pm to catch the sunset then slept in my truck for the morning light. Trail is in great shape and the flowers are “peaked”. Tons of lupine, paintbrush etc. When I got back to my car at 7am, the lot was filling including a group of 8 guys with no bug spray. I loaned them mine.

Wading In

Wading In

I drove down to Rainier, leaving at 3am to see how the sunrise reflections were coming together. The Reflection Lakes are nice, but Bench Lake is a bit of a rarer treat because of the short hike required to get there. The question is how are the water levels? Usually by late July, a sliver of a shoreline has revealed itself.

Yesterday however, no such luck. But having driven so far, I took off my shoes and socks and waded to the spot I wanted for this shot. Surprisingly, it was refreshing, not breathtakingly cold 🙂

In Search of Honeybucket Falls

In Search of Honeybucket Falls

I visited a very photogenic falls down by the Gorge last year and wanted to go back a few weeks ago. Finding this place however is tricky. Its in and amongst the web of forest service roads that cover the area and the last time I got close was at night in the snow.

So we drove around looking for it and found nothing. Panther Falls was our backup plan and we went there. I got home and got determined and found it using Google Earth and searching. So I went back to my favorite falls a day ago and got some decent mid day light shots.

I call it Honeybucket because the first time I was there, there was a Porta Potty there for highway crews.

Love this spot.

In Through the Out Door

In Through the Out Door

After an epic raspberry freezer jam making session which involved about 19lb of fresh berries, I decided to head out on my second hike of the weekend. I chose Snow Lake because I had heard that the lake was mostly thawed. Weather also looked good and maybe by going on Sunday night, I would avoid the shopping mall on Dec 24 feel to the crowds of hikers there. It seemed they were all heading back to town. Traffic was at a crawl with everyone returning from the weekend.

I left about 7pm from the trailhead and reached the lake eventually. Lots of snow in the lake basin but not much on the trail. I think I got my best shots coming down the basin as the sun was reflected in the clouds. By the time I got to the lake’s edge, the evening fog had rolled in. Did I want to camp and stay for sunrise? Absolutely, but not tonight.

Dahlia Season





Really for me this is an amazing time of the year. Dahlia blooms speak to everything I love about flowers: Brilliant colors, abundant blooms, incredible fade to cream bokeh. And there are two gardens here in town where they soar. I visited one last night at dusk.

Panther Creek Falls Beckons

Panther Creek Falls Beckons

If for no other reason than by the time you get to the base of the falls, its 20 degrees cooler than where you parked above. And the falls are really photogenic. This shot was done with my Zeiss 21mm lens at f11, B+W ND and CPL filters and tripod.