In Through the Out Door

In Through the Out Door

After an epic raspberry freezer jam making session which involved about 19lb of fresh berries, I decided to head out on my second hike of the weekend. I chose Snow Lake because I had heard that the lake was mostly thawed. Weather also looked good and maybe by going on Sunday night, I would avoid the shopping mall on Dec 24 feel to the crowds of hikers there. It seemed they were all heading back to town. Traffic was at a crawl with everyone returning from the weekend.

I left about 7pm from the trailhead and reached the lake eventually. Lots of snow in the lake basin but not much on the trail. I think I got my best shots coming down the basin as the sun was reflected in the clouds. By the time I got to the lake’s edge, the evening fog had rolled in. Did I want to camp and stay for sunrise? Absolutely, but not tonight.

2 thoughts on “In Through the Out Door

  1. What a superb photo ! The landscape is beautiful and the sunset and fog combined really makes this photo 🙂


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