Hiking into the Enchantments

Hiking into the Enchantments

Decided to celebrate my gf’s 50th birthday by an overnight in the Enchantments. We left Seattle very early to get to the ranger station for the permit drawing by 745am. All was good until we hit a road construction roadblock in Tumwater Canyon. So we were late for the drawing. We still managed to score a Snow Lakes permit and decided to camp there and venture up to the Lakes from there. The hike was beautiful; Fall colors were just starting to come on. This is the 8th toughest day hike in the country according to Backpacking magazine. Even so, I always remember this as the “easier” route into the Enchantments. A mistake I wont be making again soon 🙂 Its basically a nonstop climb with a few level spots to tease you. My pack was about 35lbs and hers was about 20. Lots of pondering about how to drop even more weight in the gear.

We got to the dam between the Snow Lakes and saw a group of goats with babies wandering about. Closeby was a group of 20somethings making a lot of noise. I figure the goats were there hoping for salt. About an hour later we reached the last camp before the bridge at the west end of Upper Snow Lake and set up camp there. We were soon asleep after she unwrapped a small birthday gift in our tent.

I set the alarm for 5ish to get up and hike up to the Lakes. I peeked out and the weather looked ominous. Socked in and damp. A half hour later it was snowing. That was our clue to pack up and head back down. We talked with the kids and their plan was to head up to the Core area. Eyeing their gear, it seemed like a bad idea. We also ran into several cheery parties heading up the trail. Knowing the weather forecast and being where we had been, we hoped they had packed well. Back at the trailhead, it was time for Starbucks, Icicle Brewing and Alpen Hamburgers 🙂

Definitely going back up in a week or two for larches and hopefully better weather.

Must See in NYC: Top of the Rock Observatory

Must See in NYC:  Top of the Rock Observatory

When I am travelling for work, I try to scout out the local photographs via flickr or Google Images to see where people are going and what they are getting. The observatory on top of Rockefeller Center jumped out as a great spot to be at sunset. So being in Manhattan last week for work, I made plans to go there. If its going to be a good night for weather/light etc, you should get your tickets online since the line at the box office can push back by an hour or two when you actually get to go up in the building. Also figure there is a line to get to the elevators and you have to go through a picture taking sequence (for images sold back to you once at the top) and a short movie of the building’s history. But once at the top, its amazing.

Big Sur Coastal Tranquility




Headed down to Carmel after a week of work in San Francisco.  Time for some relaxation along the coast. Our current favorite BB is the Sandpiper in Carmel. A lovely base from which to explore the Big Sur Headlands. Just got back last night and its fun driving around marveling at how cheap the houses are here in Seattle 😉

My Art Stolen From Starbucks

My Art Stolen From Starbucks

So I went in last week to add a few new prints to my show at a local Starbucks and made an unfortunate discovery. One of my largest prints was missing. The crew working that day thought it had been sold. No, and it wasn’t in the back. Someone walked off with it. Now its not like they stole the original raw file but still. I felt for a moment strangely flattered, but still sad.