My Art Stolen From Starbucks

My Art Stolen From Starbucks

So I went in last week to add a few new prints to my show at a local Starbucks and made an unfortunate discovery. One of my largest prints was missing. The crew working that day thought it had been sold. No, and it wasn’t in the back. Someone walked off with it. Now its not like they stole the original raw file but still. I felt for a moment strangely flattered, but still sad.

3 thoughts on “My Art Stolen From Starbucks

  1. Hi Mike,
    It’s odd that this happened at that location, because I found out about you from those very photos. I was standing there waiting for my coffee and I glanced at one of the cityscapes, and I couldn’t stop looking at it. It so impacted me that I bought a dSLR camera that week and started reading everything I could about photography.

    I’m sorry that you were subjected to that, but I always feel as though there is a path that things are on. I would not be a bit surprised if the photo taken was the one that I happened upon. Perhaps it’s red violin journey is just beginning, as well as my photographic one?

    Michael Egbert
    Seattle (Ballard)


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