Mountain Hardwear Ultralight Thruway 50 Pack Review

Mountain Hardwear Ultralight Thruway 50 Pack Review

Used this pack for an overnight into the Enchantments a few weeks ago. Loaded up to about 27 lbs. I used my neoair pad in the padding slot. This pack did a great job of carrying everything I needed for the hike. I found myself, however, constantly adjusting it and feeling shoulder pain. Possibly a good idea to add a larger hip pad. Going back to my various Arcteryx packs ie Arrakis 50, M40/M30. Will probably sell this pack.

Mysterious Horseshoe Lake, or Beyond Lake Stuart

Mysterious Horseshoe Lake, or Beyond Lake Stuart

I hadn’t seen enough Northwest alpine larches changing color so a friend of mine and I headed up past Stuart Lake to Horseshoe Lake. We had heard it was much like the Enchantments Lakes Basin and it didn’t disappoint. The “trail” past Stuart is an unmaintained combination of more than 100 blowdowns and routefinding, then 1100 vert feet of scramble to the Lake. However its an amazing spot once you get there and we had it to ourselves. Canon 5D2 and Zeiss 21/50mm.

On a side note, climbing back down from the lake, my front teeth impacted my hiking pole with sufficient force to break one of the lower ones. So I am on the mend this week and contemplating implant dentistry 😦

Autumn Colors in the Seattle Arboretum

Autumn Colors in the Seattle Arboretum

The Japanese garden in the Seattle Arboretum is a spectacular showcase of fall Acer colors. I thought I might be a bit early but found I was right on time for the brilliant palette of fall colors. They don’t allow tripods so its a delicate balance of higher iso, shutter speed and breath-holding.

Enchantments – Learning to Love the Snow Lakes Approach.

Enchantments - Learning to Love the Snow Lakes Approach.

Second time doing this in two weeks, I am learning to love the Snow Lakes approach. Its 6000 feet of elevation gain on what’s been called the 8th toughest hike in the country. The Aasgard approach is “easier” but totally snowed over at the moment. The first time we hit overcast snowy weather at Upper Snow Lake and decided to not push onward. No photos 😦

Since this place tends to haunt you until you get up there, I set off to solo hike it and overnight as far as I could get amongst the Lakes. I met a nice pair of guys heading up for the first time and spent much of the trail telling them how awesome it was going to be. It took me about 7 hours to reach Viviane and start to look for a spot to camp. The snow was minimal until you reached Viviane and then it became 3-4 feet of crusty topped powder. I didn’t have snowshoes so I went in deep every so often. I never used my microspikes, but poles were handy.

Got up early the next day for photos and then packed up to head down. You can get a nice Verizon signal near the edge of Viviane so I was able to send some texts telling people I wasn’t in trouble. I also had a new toy: Delorme’s InReach 2 way satellite device that sends your location to friends every ten minutes and allows you to send pre-determined messages via email as well. It worked great and gave my gf peace of mind.

Coming down I ran into Cory and his merry band of elevation seeking crazies. His report should be up here soon and I hope he mentions his recipe for Lake Viviane-caught fish with bourbon sauce. Definitely trumped my cold peanut butter and honey sandwiches. We hiked back to the parking lot together and I learned a lot from them including how to tell a good Salsa dj from bad. Thanks guys for having me along 🙂

Now to go get another handful of Aleve…