Peace in the Morning

Peace in the Morning

It seemed like a great morning to go sunrise hunting so I did. I didn’t see much in the sky for clouds so Kerry Park seemed bland. I had been meaning to go to Gasworks and went there. This is a multi shot pano stitched from Zeiss 100mm images.

Seattle Pier Cloudscape

Seattle Pier Cloudscape

Had a feeling it would be a nice sunset even though driving down the town was backed up by a wall of gray. Well the clouds parted and the visual drama ensued.

Delicate Colors of Spring

Delicate Colors of Spring

More crocus blooms from the garden out front. Using my gardening kneepads helps me get low to these shots. Zeiss 50mm at f2. Seems to create a nice glow with the afternoon soft light. Aside from warming the white balance a bit, these are straight out of the camera.

A Seagull’s Contemplation

A Seagull's Contemplation

Sharing Cannon Beach with a few contemplative gulls last Thursday evening. Really was a nice night. Very low tide, although not so low I didn’t get soaked pushing it a bit. Always glad to come back to Surfsand Resort and this tranquil beach.

Oregon Coast – One Day of Summer


Or at least it felt like it. Despite colder grayer predictions, we awoke at the Surfsand Resort to sunny and 65 degree temps. So much warmth in fact that our collection of windstopper, down and fleece seemed wildly miscalculated. Later on, the skies came together for an amazing sunset and sunrise the next day. Then back to gray and overcast as we headed back north.