My Favorite Spot Amongst the Wildflower Meadows

Fire Mountain Panorama


Ventured down to my favorite part of the Paradise area – the Lakes Trail. Coated in premethrin and picaridin, I was determined not to be a feast for bugs. That worked out well actually. As I was hiking in, I could hear thunder and was definitely going against the tide of hikers leaving the area. I meandered along the trail for about two hours, meeting several other photographers and talking photography stuff.

Slept in the Paradise parking lot overnight.  A couple showed up about 11pm, intent on dancing in the moonlight to flamenco music on their car stereo.  This went on for an hour and fortunately they left.

The shower when I got home was Awesome!


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3 thoughts on “My Favorite Spot Amongst the Wildflower Meadows

  1. Caught your trip report on WTA. We are looking for a wildflower hike this week, likely August 19th (Tuesday). We’ve done Tipsoo/Naches before and Sourdough ridge to Frozen Lake and back around. Was looking more toward something around Paradise this time. Would you say this is THE one to do at this point in the season?


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