Mount Baker Chain Lakes Morning Light


I’m going to say yes to fall foliage although I may have been imagining it. Bugs were a bit less than the last time I was there and Baker didn’t show (clouds). So I ventured up again last night and hiked in, as everyone was hiking out, intent on finding a nice spot near Iceberg Lake. I got to the lake just as the alpenglow was peaking and got a few shots. Then I scouted about for a camping spot and pitched my tent. I got up around 1am for a few Milky Way shots then back in the sack. Scouting around for photos in the morning, I was struck by the abundance of ripe huge berries 🙂 I slipped at one point and ended up with berries all over my backside. Looked like blood. Maybe that was why no one would pick me up at Austin Pass for a ride to AP. Speaking of which, doing this loop starting at Artists Point is highly recommended. Going the other way coming up from Austin Pass looked like quite the slog.


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