Fiery Seattle Sunset Timelapse from the Columbia Center

Glad I went down to the Sky View Observatory last night as the sunset was pretty spectacular.  I liked the look of dusk light along the foothills of the Olympics so I went with 100mm.  Zeiss 100mm and Sony a7r camera.  Created in Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CS6.

Low Tide Blue Hour Light at Second Beach

Here’s how this trip came together. I’ve been watching the weather at certain locations and in this case, the tides on the coast. The tide tables… indicated an unusually low tide this last weekend. NOAA weather said it was going to be mostly clear and warm. I had the chance to rent a new lens I’ve been wanting to try out, so its on. Its about four hours out to the coast and dont underestimate the additional 14 miles plus hiking once you’ve left 101.

Second Beach Blue Hour Low Tides

Above the Clouds at Sunrise…Timelapse from the Columbia Center’s Sky View Observatory

One of my first time lapses taken on a morning when the fog was thick, but the 73rd floor of the Columbia Center was above it all.  Sony a7r and Zeiss 21mm lens.  Created in Lightroom and Photoshop CS6

Rainier Sunrise Fog Time Lapse Video

I’ve been working on these since watching how many people are absolutely mesmerized by the time lapses shown at the Sky View Observatory.  I use the Sony in camera app on my Sony a7r and a Zeiss MF 50mm lens.  For this one, I took 700 RAW images, processed them in Lightroom 5 and then made the time lapse in Photoshop CS6