Roses, a Bit Early This Year – Woodland Park Zoo Rose Garden

I guess its no surprise that this year the roses are a bit early.  I drove by one of my favorite gardens and they were going strong already.  So back I went with my favorite flower lens…Zeiss 50mm f/1.4. #woodlandparkzoo

DSC07210 DSC07218 DSC07226

Our Southwest Adventure – Second Stop – Zion National Park

I really hadn’t thought much past the Grand Canyon stop as far as photo opportunities.  The weather along the North Rim was disappointingly overcast.  Our next hotel was Flanigans, located right outside of Zion and I figured I could scout around and find some compositions.  Driving through the park, however, to get there was an absolute revelation and the sights would become the highlight of our trip.  Definitely going back as we only scratched the surface. #zion

DSC06671_hdr DSC06762_stitchsmaller


Our Southwest Adventure – First Stop – Horseshoe Bend AZ

Leaving Phoenix with our $7 a day rental Corolla, we headed to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon for our first stop. I had visions of arriving at sunset which were soon clearly not going to happen. So we diverted to Horseshoe Bend, another place I had never been, for photos there.  I knew my Zeiss 16-35mm would be an ideal lens for this spot and it was. #a7rDSC06267_stitchsmaller

Working in Scottsdale at the Omni Montelucia Resort

So I am in Phoenix or more specifically Scottsdale this week working as a PowerPoint Notes operator at a trade conference. Really nice hotel, great people and warm weather.  We got out last night for some local Tex Mex which was refreshing.  When this show is done, my sweetie and I are leaving on a multi day road trip up through the Grand Canyon, Utah, Eastern Oregon and into Washington. #omnihotels

Omni Montelucia Hotel Courtyard Omni Montelucia Hotel Courtyard Fountain Omni Montelucia Hotel Pool

New Seattle Listing Photography – Sony a7r and Zeiss 16-35mm

I do the listing photography for a good friend of mine Matthew Skeel here in Seattle.  Basically my goal is quick turnaround and images that will make his listings shine, even if I have to go back for a sunset/sunrise etc.  My setup is my Sony a7r and Zeiss 16-35mm lens.  I usually get it right in one shot but sometimes have to blend to get the dynamic range I am after.  Then I use Lightroom 6 and Enfuse for a natural look. #seattle

Staging is by Ellis Designs, who always does amazing work and in this case moved everything in at 2:30am in order to be ready for photos.  Contact Pam at

DSC06011_hdr DSC06019

Shell Oil Rig Polar Pioneer in Seattle

Whatever your politics or views on the oil industry, the arrival of Shell’s Polar Pioneer puts an impressive stamp on the waterfront landscape.  The massive yellow monolith on the Seattle waterfront can’t be ignored or missed and in fact slowed evening traffic to a crawl as commuters paused to gawk at it.    I captured this shot from West Seattle at dusk as the evening lights came on.  Sony a7r and Zeiss 100-300mm stitched in Microsoft ICE. #shell

Shells Polar Pioneer in Seattle

Beauty in Small Corners – Columbine Montage

I have a few favorite gardens in which I like to wander and see what is to be seen.  Sometimes the beauty appears in small corners of a particular garden.  This was the case recently.  My Zeiss 50mm lens captured this scene in my favorite thin depth of field style.  A few Columbines with more behind.  DSC04291