Showing Prints at the Phinney Starbucks in Seattle

I show prints at one location each year and this is the spot:  The Starbucks on Phinney Ridge.  Address is 316 N 67th St, Seattle, WA 98103.  I will be there for two months.  Please feel free to stop by and see what I have been up to for the last few months or so.  Prints are available for purchase at very reasonable prices.

mike reid photography artists statement

Showing Prints at Starbucks

One Spectacular Evening Last January in Seattle

There was a night last January where the fog rolled in over Seattle.  It was on the eve of the Super Bowl and Seahawks fever was at a fevered pitch.  I went down to my favorite perch atop the Columbia Center in the Sky View Observatory and caught a glimpse of a magical night above Seattle.  Mike Reid Photography

Eve Of The Superbowl In Seattle

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Sony a7r a7s a7ii a7rii Accessories that Really Matter

Having spent now about a year with my Sony a7r and with the a7r2 on the way, I’ve gained some perspective about accessories that really help with realizing the camera’s full potential.  The first accessory is a cheap but highly effective remote.  I searched far and wide and came upon this gem:  The Foto Tech remote on Amazon.  Cheap and indispensable.  So cheap that when my first one literally went over a cliff in a pouch that had caught a gust of wind, I didn’t even feel an urge to leap after it.


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Zeiss Lens Sponsorship – A Dream of Mine

So for many years I dreamed about being contacted by Zeiss, the maker of the finest German lenses on the planet, about my photography.  That email finally arrived about a month ago.  They asked me to take some photos using a new line of prototype lenses.  They had found me on Flickr and appreciated many of my bokeh shots using their 100/2 lens.  I provided several images and they were happy with them.  This led to them offering me any lens on the Zeiss lineup in exchange for images for their blog and advertising.  I was in a state of total bliss.  I requested the Otus 85mm and Zeiss 135mm f2.  They should arrive next week.

Mount Baker Milky Way from Artists Point

Decided to camp over night near Artist’s Point to catch the sunset and night skies.  Almost slept through this but thankfully I got up and captured some stars.  Sony a7r and Zeiss 16-35mm.

Mount Baker Milky Way

Photography Class – Thin Depth of Field or Bokeh Photography

My class focus this fall is bokeh or thin depth of field photography.  I will teach you in a 3 hour class how to best achieve subject isolation and background blur or bokeh.  We will explore lens selection, light, focus techniques and post processing to best achieve the soft bokeh look.  Please contact me at for details.bokeh photography classbokeh photography class

To the Skies Again – Dusk and Night Time Aerial Photography Over Seattle With Sony a7s

So I had another chance to go up in Kurt’s helicopter and capture some dusk and night views of Seattle from the air.  This time I had two bodies, Sony a7r and the low light champion, a7s.  My plan was to mount my Sony 28/2 lens on the a7r and put various slower lenses on the a7s.  I went with Zeiss 100/2, 35/2 and 16-35/4.  I think through all of this I discovered that the 16-35/4 is best for dusk, but not for night.  For that you need f/2 or faster.

Sony a7s and 16-35mm at iso 3200

Sony a7s and 16-35mm at iso 3200

aerial, seattle, a7s

Sony a7s and 16-35mm at iso 51200

Sony a7s and 16-35mm at iso 51200

Sony a7s and 16-35mm at iso 51200

seattle, aerial, a7s

Sony a7s and 16-35mm at iso 20000

Blue Angels Over Seattle from the Sky View Observatory

SVO asked me to get some shots of the Blue Angels over Seattle and Saturday made the most sense in my schedule.  The Sony a7r is not an action camera, but it really came through once I set the ISO high enough to let my manual focus Zeiss 100-300mm lens catch the planes.  Most of the building was on the east side, but I stayed on the west side hoping to catch them flying past the Space Needle.  I basically got two chances, and during the second go, every shot was sharp and in focus.  Really pleased with the results for a hand held, manual focus lens. #blueangels #seafair

DSC07190blue angels seattle seafair photography DSC07173