New York Perspectives – Bryant Park and St. Patricks

I had one last nice day before I left New York, so I got up early and wandered around Bryant Park and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  These were marvelous sites, with captivating colors and details.DSC06961DSC06954DSC06959DSC06937-HDRDSC06884-HDRDSC06889-HDRDSC06922-HDR

Nighttime Empire State Building Photography

I had read a bit about going to the Empire State Building and shooting with a tripod.  Apparently things had changed a bit especially with their increased security.  They confiscated my tripod.  I was later able to get it back but I knew it would make my night shooting more challenging.  I had two lenses with me:  Zeiss 85mm Otus 1.4 and Zeiss 55mm 1.8.  I set my Sony a7r2 settings to manual focus, timer shutter and Optical Stabilization On.  I focused carefully using focus preview and checked the shots afterwards for sharpeness.  I think I did ok.  #empirestatebuilding.


Times Square Night Photography from the Empire State Building


Times Square Night Photography from the Empire State Building


Brooklyn Queens Night Photography from the Empire State Building


Downtown Manhattan Night Photography from the Empire State Building

Arrival of Spring: Crocus Blooms Bokeh

I watch the front yard each year for signs of spring.  For me, this is the arrival of the purple crocus blooms.  I spent some time amongst them with my Zeiss 85mm Otus, which has a pleasing bokeh.


Back Through the Archives: San Juan Islands Sunset Aerials

Its fun to go back through my old backup drives and look at forgotten RAW files.  In this case, shots taken while flying with a friend over the San Juan Islands at sunset.  These were shot with my former mainstay Canon 1Ds Mark II and a manual focus Zeiss 50mm lens. #visitsanjuanislands #visitskagit

Sunset aerial view of Roche Harbor, Spieden and Stuart IslandsSunset aerial view of Stuart IslandIMG_6720Anacortes at Sunset


Seattle Area Photography Classes and Tours

photography classes and tours

Seattle area photography classes and tours from a Seattle native.


People reach out to me from time to time about classes and tours around the area.  I think my body of work online and in print leads people to ask if I can help them get similar results.  This is something I really enjoy doing especially in small groups.  I have a training background in software instruction and teaching comes naturally to me.  I can put together a half day class or tour or more.  Contact me for details.  Contact me for more details about a class or tour