Rainier from the Fremont Lookout Sunset

Hiked out to the Fremont lookout last night from the Sunrise parking lot. The trail and road to it are in great shape and we only had two neighbors at the lookout and they left quickly. Lots of well fed pikas working the trail relentlessly ūüôā We got about half way back and put on headlamps. We ran into quite a few milky way shooters on the way back down. I tried to assure one guy’s wife, huddled in a blanket, that it would be over soon. She seemed skeptical. A very pleasant outing. On a side note: Getting back into Seattle about 1am and finding No Traffic was absolutely sublime. Like the old days.

Another note:  HIGHLY recommend the Pie Goddess in Enumclaw for a pre- or post-hike treat


Sunset from Sunrise – Timelapse Video

My visits to Rainier usually involve the Paradise side. ¬†This year I’ve decided to branch out ¬†a bit and explore Sunrise. ¬†I spent some time there the other night and captured a nice timelapse of the clouds moving over the mountain towards sunset. ¬†I felt like the Zeiss 85mm Otus lens provided a nice tight perspective of the scene, with meadows in the foreground

Lake Tipsoo Timelapse

A bit of timelapse video from a recent visit to Lake Tipsoo.  Nicely thawing out as you can see.  Sony a7r II and Zeiss 16-35mm

Park Butte Sunrise and Sunset Overnight Hike

A friend of mine had never been to Park Butte so we decided to overnight up by the various tarns to get a view of Baker at sunset and sunrise. I got my overnight pack down to 22lbs, which included camera, tripod and several lenses and a subway extra meat footlong. The trail is in great shape, and the snow really starts past the Railroad Grade junction. We camped near the various tarns in the rock garden east of the lookout. Low clouds started rolling in around sunset and were still there in the morning. We saw a few parties heading to the lookout and one group camped at Railroad Grade, but saw no one as we headed back out in the morning.

Mount Baker Sunrise Reflection Overnight Hike into Park Butte for Sunrise and Sunset PhotographyOvernight Hike into Park Butte for Sunrise and Sunset PhotographyMount Baker Sunrise Overnight Hike into Park Butte for Sunrise and Sunset Photography


Old Man of the Mountain

Mount Baker Sunrise Reflection Overnight Hike into Park Butte for Sunrise and Sunset Photography


Mount St. Helens Loowit Trail Wildflowers

Decided to visit the Loowit trail again and hike a bit farther in search of some blazing Paintbrush color. We were’t disappointed. We got to the trailhead at about 6pm just as the UW and WSU research vans were pulling through the normally closed gate. We started hiking and prepared to come out by headlamp if necessary. Basically the farther you get into this trail, the more flowers. Wonderous sights and scents, happy hummingbirds and trail dust greeted us. We got about as far as we wanted to go, turned around and started backtracking and taking photos. Got back to the car about 10pm and drove back to Seattle where i began placating my irritated cat.Loowit Trail Mount St. Helens Wildflowers

Loowit Trail and Spirit Lake Mount St. Helens WildflowersDSC00344-2DSC00358