Back to Iceland: Round the Ring Road

After last year’s revelations on my first trip to Iceland, it was a matter of time before I returned for another view.  Go Campers had generously offered me a serious discount on one of their campers in exchange for a selection of my images, which helped considerably with costs.  The Photographers Ephemeris, TPE , and its SkyFire add-in suggested that the good weather, or at least not bad weather was to be found to the north so I headed out that way on the Ring Road.  After stopping at Costco of course 🙂 IMG_7513

Driving along the northern part of Iceland was a great choice.  It was gray and cloudy but the landscape of pastures, fjords and geothermal activity was a lot different than the southern route.

iceland, horses

The fjords spoke of an active fishing industry, as well as remnants.

Iceland Older Fishing Boat

Iceland Older Fishing Boat

I covered most of the northern part of the Ring Road in two days.  In early May, most of the snow was gone, with little ice in the lakes.  I really wanted to see the East Fjords and then the South, where TPE was telling me the weather was improving.

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