Shooting with the New Zeiss Milvus Line: 100mm f2

I had the chance about a month ago to sample the new Zeiss 100mm f2 Milvus lens.  Bokeh and sharpness were everything I loved about the 100 f2 ZE and the new body style was impressive as well.  Mike Reid Photography

A few sample shots from around the Seattle area.

DSC00323 DSC06661 DSC06833 DSC08266 DSC08501 DSC08561 DSC08619 seattle100mmcityscape

Sony a7r and Canon 11-24mm Lens Seattle Timelapse Sunset Video

I was very eager to test Canon’s 11-24mm at the Sky View Observatory. I wanted to see what 11mm meant as far as pov goes and aside from taking a number of random photos, I also made a timelapse video. I had adapted the lens onto my Sony a7r using a Metabones III adapter which allows for electronic control and eventual AF.  I can tell you that the protruding lens shade petals and front element make blocking out internal reflections against the Observatory’s windows challenging.  But I think I made a decent go of it.  I returned the lens this morning and felt ok about letting it go.  For me, 11mm is cool but a rare requirement and my Sony 16-35mm makes me very happy.  It certainly weighs a lot less, has OSS and of course doesn’t need a Metabones adapter. #a7r #canon #sony #mirrorless

11mm Seattle from the Sky View Observatory

…and now a nice timelapse made with the Canon 11-24mm lens:

Sony a7r and Canon 11-24mm Lens Above Seattle

Decided to rent the new Canon 11-24mm lens and adapt it onto my Sony a7r to see what 11mm looks like.  This lens has been called the widest full frame optic available.  I will call it freakishly wide and sharp corner to corner.  It kinda defeats the “small and compact” ideal of the a7r but the results are worth the heft.

Canon 11-24mm on Sony a7rCanon 11-24mm on Sony a7r Canon 11-24mm on Sony a7r Canon 11-24mm on Sony a7r

Park Butte This Morning

I had heard that Park Butte, the area south of Mount Baker was clear of snow. So I decided to hike in last night and catch both sunset and sunrise. I’m glad I brought my Zpacks 10 degree down sleeping bag and down jacket since it was rather nippy. I also used this trip to test out my new Inreach SE Satellite 2way communicator. All in all a great hike and nice early start to this morning.

A tarn near  Park Butte just as the sun crested the ridge.

A tarn near Park Butte just as the sun crested the ridge.

Finally Visiting Mount St. Helens

I kept meaning to do this.  I’d seen some amazing photos from the area, and many a hike report, but never made it down.  So even as tantalizing weather almost kept me in Seattle, I packed up the truck and headed down yesterday.  Of course I timed it so I could hit three rush hours in succession; Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia.

I arrived in the evening and set about scouting to see where I would want to be at sunset and sunrise.  Many people talk about Harry’s Ridge, and it was tempting but I ventured farther west along the Boundary Trail.  Tons of flowers:  Lupine, Paintbrush, everything blooming and colorful.  So as i took a few shots around sunset, I was planning on where to be at 4:30am.  I think things turned out well.  Mike Reid Photography

DSC01620 DSC01635 DSC01714 DSC01721-2hdrs

Some Venue Photography From Scottsdale

I recently managed the PowerPoint content on a corporate event held in Scottsdale, Arizona.  As I usually do, I took a few shots of the set after the show.  These were shot with my Sony a7r and Zeiss 16-35mm lens.  www.mikereidphotography.comDSC06184sized DSC06210_stitchsmaller