Canon 11-24mm Tulip Fields in Skagit, Washington

I rented the Canon 11-24mm lens to try it out on my Sony A7R2 up in the Skagit Valley tulip fields.  The ultra wide angle lens seemed like a great fit amongst the rows of flowers.  I adapted the lens onto my Sony using a Metabones III adapter and everything worked great.  Colors were typically Canon and flare was at a minimum. #svtulipfest #roozengaarde #canon

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Canon 11-24mm lens on Sony A7r2

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Canon 11-24mm lens on Sony A7r2DSC00359-HDRsDSC00387DSC00474DSC00528

Skagit Valley Mud and Daffodil Fest

The weather report claimed that Thursday afternoon would be clearish up in Skagit so I headed up around noon to get a jump on traffic.  Really beautiful conditions in the fields but seriously muddy after many days of rain.  Sony a7r2 and Zeiss 16-35mm.



Roses, a Bit Early This Year – Woodland Park Zoo Rose Garden

I guess its no surprise that this year the roses are a bit early.  I drove by one of my favorite gardens and they were going strong already.  So back I went with my favorite flower lens…Zeiss 50mm f/1.4. #woodlandparkzoo

DSC07210 DSC07218 DSC07226

Skagit Valley Daffodils – First Impressions

Drove up for sunrise and sunset to see how the Daffodils and fields were looking in Skagit.  Things look great and the Daffs are in full bloom.  Tulips are right behind  🙂 #laconnerdaffodils #roozengaarde #visitlaconner #visitskagit

daff2pano43 daffpano43 skagitsaucerpano43

Dahlias Garden Wanderings

After staring at screens all day, I clear my thoughts by spending some time in the local garden.  The dahlias are wrapping it up for the year.  This bloom caught my attention.  I was using my zeiss 28mm at f/2.8 for a change.DSC08216


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My Favorite Spot Amongst the Wildflower Meadows

Fire Mountain Panorama


Ventured down to my favorite part of the Paradise area – the Lakes Trail. Coated in premethrin and picaridin, I was determined not to be a feast for bugs. That worked out well actually. As I was hiking in, I could hear thunder and was definitely going against the tide of hikers leaving the area. I meandered along the trail for about two hours, meeting several other photographers and talking photography stuff.

Slept in the Paradise parking lot overnight.  A couple showed up about 11pm, intent on dancing in the moonlight to flamenco music on their car stereo.  This went on for an hour and fortunately they left.

The shower when I got home was Awesome!


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Peace in the Garden, or Not (Sound Carries)

Peace in the Garden, or Not (Sound Carries)

When I saw these tulips, I knew I wanted to get closer so I went back to my car to get my 12mm tube. I sat there and took these photos crouched amongst the flowers, listening to this woman talk on her cellphone across the garden blah blah. Then I went to the other side of the garden near her and suddenly I was “too close” and she moved away. Don’t worry I’ve already been listening to you go on for a half hour here 🙂