Rainier and Meadows Full of Flowers

I went down a few days ago to the Paradise area of Mount Rainier to see how the flowers were coming along.  Well they are bursting at all elevations.  Being a lupine hound, I found plenty to get excited about.  I went down again last night, did more scouting and wandered around taking pictures this morning.  The light was done by 6am which is pretty amazing.  Sony a7r and Zeiss 16-35mm MikeReid Photography

DSC03649  DSC03511DSC03567

Our Southwest Adventure – Second Stop – Zion National Park

I really hadn’t thought much past the Grand Canyon stop as far as photo opportunities.  The weather along the North Rim was disappointingly overcast.  Our next hotel was Flanigans, located right outside of Zion and I figured I could scout around and find some compositions.  Driving through the park, however, to get there was an absolute revelation and the sights would become the highlight of our trip.  Definitely going back as we only scratched the surface. #zion http://www.mikereidphotography.com

DSC06671_hdr DSC06762_stitchsmaller


Lake Tipsoo Around Midnight

Drove down to Lake Tipsoo off of Highway 410 in Washington state a few nights ago to see how the lake was melting out.  It was about 75% melted so I decided to stay for sunset and sunrise.  Sunset colors were unimpressive, as was sunrise, but the real show was around midnight with the stars out.  This shot was a 30 second exposure, f4, 16mm and iso 2000.  www.mikereidphotography.com


Mount Rainier Sunrise from Tacoma

On a recent trip through Tacoma, I spotted a potential composition putting sunrise skies behind Rainier.  It would of course require me to drive down there at an unreal hour to capture this. I finally got there and captured some nice light behind the mountain.  Sony a7r and Zeiss 100-300m lens at about 135mm.  http://www.mikereidphotography.com #mountrainier #mrnp

Mount Rainier Sunrise from Tacoma

Last of the Golden Meadows

Last of the Golden Meadows

I finally went back and revisited a panorama I had set up earlier in the month at Rainier. It was a series of 50mm vertical shots which needed to be blended for dynamic range. I think it turned out nicely.

Back to Spray Park in Search of the Mountain

Back to Spray Park in Search of the Mountain

Went back to Spray Park in hopes of seeing the mountain this time. Success! I also tried a different hydration scheme involving drinking a quart of Accelerade while hiking up to the park. This helped me considerably with soreness and energy. In the park, I explored a few tarns and meadows and headed back down after sunset. Flowers are still amazing. 200 lumens is enough of a headlamp it turns out 🙂