Seattle Area Photography Classes and Tours

photography classes and tours

Seattle area photography classes and tours from a Seattle native.


People reach out to me from time to time about classes and tours around the area.  I think my body of work online and in print leads people to ask if I can help them get similar results.  This is something I really enjoy doing especially in small groups.  I have a training background in software instruction and teaching comes naturally to me.  I can put together a half day class or tour or more.  Contact me for details.  Contact me for more details about a class or tour

Photography Class – Thin Depth of Field or Bokeh Photography

My class focus this fall is bokeh or thin depth of field photography.  I will teach you in a 3 hour class how to best achieve subject isolation and background blur or bokeh.  We will explore lens selection, light, focus techniques and post processing to best achieve the soft bokeh look.  Please contact me at for details.bokeh photography classbokeh photography class