Schlepping That Beast – Zeiss 28mm Otus Goes to Europe

I sent a few photos from my trip to my contact at Zeiss.  Her response was:

“Wow, Mike. These are great.  You should get some badge of honor for schlepping that beast around with you.”

It didn’t seem like much at the time but yes the Zeiss 28mm Otus isn’t subtle.  I had planned my visit to London and Paris around my Zeiss deliverables, but you really have to carry it day to day to get the whole picture of its size.  It’s kind of like the Blazing Saddles Moment. “S’cuse me while I whip this out…”  On the other hand, most of my shots are handheld, so it’s clearly manageable.

The payoff of course is stunning image quality.  Shots that really stood out on my editing laptop really bloomed in vivid, contrasty detail on my home 34″ 4K monitor.  And clearly my editors at Zeiss are happy.  Now where’s my badge?  🙂 #zeiss

Liberty London Interior Zeiss 28mm OtusParis Pons Invalides at Sunset Zeiss 28mm OtusParis Palais Garnier Opera House Stairwells Zeiss 28mm OtusParis Palais Garnier Opera House Ceiling Zeiss 28mm OtusParis Dusk Notre Dame and the Seine Zeiss 28mm OtusParis Dusk Flower Shop Zeiss 28mm OtusParis Dusk Eiffel Tower Shadow Zeiss 28mm OtusTower Bridge View from the Tower of London Zeiss 28mm OtusThames Sunset Big Ben Reflection Zeiss 28mm Otus


Showing Prints at the Phinney Starbucks in Seattle

I show prints at one location each year and this is the spot:  The Starbucks on Phinney Ridge.  Address is 316 N 67th St, Seattle, WA 98103.  I will be there for two months.  Please feel free to stop by and see what I have been up to for the last few months or so.  Prints are available for purchase at very reasonable prices.

mike reid photography artists statement

Showing Prints at Starbucks

Heading up to Pinnacle Saddle for Sunset

I had heard that most of the snow was gone so I decided to head up to the Saddle to see.  Turns out there’s a bit still left but it should be gone in two weeks.  Flowers are starting to come on.  A bit of lupine and paintbrush around Paradise.  I packed an over night pack in case I decided to camp last night but didnt:

My overnight photography pack. REI Stoke 29 pack and
– sony a7r with Zeiss 50mm
– Zeiss 16-35mm
– Gitzo gt-0540 tripod, RRS clamp and BH25 head, remote, extra batteries
– Ten Essentials including Nitecore p10 800 lumens flashlight
– Pants, down jacket, pullover, extra socks, extra doorag
– One Black Diamond Ultra Mountain carbon pole for tent
– Two bottles of purple gatorade
– Bananas, pb/honey sandwich, powerbars, powergels
– Shires Tarptent Contrail and stakes
– MH Phantom 32 bag

Felt light, carried well and I didnt end up camping last night.

Rainier Sunset IMG_2493

One of My Favorite Tarns – Park Butte Mount Baker



No bugs! Tons of berries. The sky seemed to be coming together for a nice sunset so I headed up to the trailhead around 4pm. Lots of hikers in the meadow picking berries. Lots of lupine around the area past the junction to Railroad Grade. I climbed up to my favorite tarn and watched the sky evolve. Around 830, I headed back to the trailhead with headlamp on. Met one party climbing up to camp including Scruffy the Trail Shizhu 🙂 Visions of that little dog scampering up the trail powered me back to my car.


To purchase a copy of this image, please visit

Azaleas in the Arboretum.

Azaleas in the Arboretum.

This is a special time of the year. Azaleas and Rhododendrons are bursting with color and Cherry blossoms linger in the trees. I wander with my various fast Zeiss primes. Its less about getting everything in focus, and more about creating a painterly vision of the arrival of spring. It’s not Vaseline on the lens, not an effect in photoshop; It’s fast primes wide open.

My Art Stolen From Starbucks

My Art Stolen From Starbucks

So I went in last week to add a few new prints to my show at a local Starbucks and made an unfortunate discovery. One of my largest prints was missing. The crew working that day thought it had been sold. No, and it wasn’t in the back. Someone walked off with it. Now its not like they stole the original raw file but still. I felt for a moment strangely flattered, but still sad.

Art in the Garden Event in Ballard Aug 10

Art in the Garden Event in Ballard Aug 10


Coming up next week is the annual Art in the Garden fundraiser for the Ballard P-Patch off of 85th. This event features 19 local artists, 4 live acoustic bands, beer garden pouring Maritime Pacific, two food trucks, silent auction etc etc. Guaranteed gorgeous weather  Starts at 11am.

I will have a booth near the entrance featuring a selection of my latest prints, both framed and on canvas. Hope you can attend.


Mike Reid
Flower and Nature Photography