Seabrook Sunset Along the Washington Coast

We visited the town of Seabrook which is this picture postcard little community near Ocean Shores.  Our cottage rental, the Shell House was a perfect home away from home along the coast.  I was able to capture a few sunset views there and at Ruby Beach an hour away.  Mike Reid Photography #seabrook #seabrookwa

DSC02117 DSC02127 DSC02150 DSC02460

Some Aerial Photography Over Seattle

Flying back from St Helens and Rainier, we did a few turns around Seattle at dusk.  I went with my Zeiss 85mm Otus at 1.4

Mike Reid Photography #seattle #spaceneedle

aerial photography over seattle zeiss 85mm otus aerial photography over seattle zeiss 85mm otus aerial photography over seattle zeiss 85mm otus aerial photography over seattle zeiss 85mm otus aerial photography over seattle zeiss 85mm otus aerial photography over seattle zeiss 85mm otus

Mount St. Helens Dusk Flyover

Had the chance recently to fly around Mt Rainier and St Helens around sunset.  I was really struck by how the devastation around Helens looked from the air.  Sony a7r and Zeiss 16-35mm Mike Reid Photography #mtsthelens35years #mtsthelens

aerial mount st helens washington aerial mount st helens washington aerial mount st helens washington aerial mount st helens washington

Sony a7r and Canon 11-24mm Lens Seattle Timelapse Sunset Video

I was very eager to test Canon’s 11-24mm at the Sky View Observatory. I wanted to see what 11mm meant as far as pov goes and aside from taking a number of random photos, I also made a timelapse video. I had adapted the lens onto my Sony a7r using a Metabones III adapter which allows for electronic control and eventual AF.  I can tell you that the protruding lens shade petals and front element make blocking out internal reflections against the Observatory’s windows challenging.  But I think I made a decent go of it.  I returned the lens this morning and felt ok about letting it go.  For me, 11mm is cool but a rare requirement and my Sony 16-35mm makes me very happy.  It certainly weighs a lot less, has OSS and of course doesn’t need a Metabones adapter. #a7r #canon #sony #mirrorless

11mm Seattle from the Sky View Observatory

…and now a nice timelapse made with the Canon 11-24mm lens:

Classic Helicopters Aerial Tour of Seattle – Highly Recommended

I don’t have the best history with riding in helicopters to take photos.  The last time I did this was in Kauai, where we managed to pick the one day that month with car wash rain.  And everyone said use a polarizer, so I did and by doing so made a dark day darker.  I got some photos but they weren’t anything you would see in a guidebook.

This time around, I did some research and decided to rent Sony’s 24-70 with optical stabilization.  I’m glad I did.  It worked out well and my 16-35 sat in the bag at my feet.  We didn’t get the best weather but it wasn’t raining  🙂  I set the iso at 1250 which most of the time gave me shutter speeds around 1/200 which worked well.  I got quite a few keepers.  I will definitely be back for more of this, hopefully with better light. #classichelicopters #seattle

Safeco Field Aerial Mariners Seattle BaseballSeattle Aerial Photography Stadiums Northwest Seattle Space Needle Aerial Photography Helicopter DSC07341  DSC07387

Finally Visiting Mount St. Helens

I kept meaning to do this.  I’d seen some amazing photos from the area, and many a hike report, but never made it down.  So even as tantalizing weather almost kept me in Seattle, I packed up the truck and headed down yesterday.  Of course I timed it so I could hit three rush hours in succession; Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia.

I arrived in the evening and set about scouting to see where I would want to be at sunset and sunrise.  Many people talk about Harry’s Ridge, and it was tempting but I ventured farther west along the Boundary Trail.  Tons of flowers:  Lupine, Paintbrush, everything blooming and colorful.  So as i took a few shots around sunset, I was planning on where to be at 4:30am.  I think things turned out well.  Mike Reid Photography

DSC01620 DSC01635 DSC01714 DSC01721-2hdrs

Heading up to Pinnacle Saddle for Sunset

I had heard that most of the snow was gone so I decided to head up to the Saddle to see.  Turns out there’s a bit still left but it should be gone in two weeks.  Flowers are starting to come on.  A bit of lupine and paintbrush around Paradise.  I packed an over night pack in case I decided to camp last night but didnt:

My overnight photography pack. REI Stoke 29 pack and
– sony a7r with Zeiss 50mm
– Zeiss 16-35mm
– Gitzo gt-0540 tripod, RRS clamp and BH25 head, remote, extra batteries
– Ten Essentials including Nitecore p10 800 lumens flashlight
– Pants, down jacket, pullover, extra socks, extra doorag
– One Black Diamond Ultra Mountain carbon pole for tent
– Two bottles of purple gatorade
– Bananas, pb/honey sandwich, powerbars, powergels
– Shires Tarptent Contrail and stakes
– MH Phantom 32 bag

Felt light, carried well and I didnt end up camping last night.

Rainier Sunset IMG_2493

Some Headshot Work

Recently I was asked to take a few corporate headshots at a local office.  I used my Sony a7r and Manual Focus Canon 80-200mm.  I found the ideal setting to be f/5.6 at 200mm.  Two Elinchrom strobes and some natural light from behind me.


Lake Colchuck Hike and Timelapse Video

Lake Colchuck is one of my favorite hikes.  Its a hard slog up approximately 2500 feet but the payoff is immense.  This  alpine lake is a  great destination by itself but also serves as the gateway for the Enchantments.  I arrived Friday afternoon amongst a variety of rain squalls and questioned whether I was going to go or not.  Walking back from the bathroom, a woman whose car wouldn’t start asked me for a ride back down to Leavenworth.  That made the decision for me and I drove her back down the hill.  An hour later the weather had cleared significantly so I decided to go for it.  I was so happy I did.  The hike took me about an hour and 45 minutes to the lake.  Most of the obvious camping spots were taken but i found a “clearing” near the lake where i set up my tent and the camera for this timelapse.

I slept well that night and was visited by a goat looking for salt to lick.  I figured he was visiting all the campsites in his search.  I got up the next morning and headed back down to civilization.  I’ve been doing Stairmaster daily since January to strengthen my legs and it sure helped my knees.  As i descended, many groups were heading up.  I did what i could to encourage them, which was easy.  I had seen the peaks and the shimmering lake and knew they were in for a treat. #hiking #backpacking