Seattle Foggy Sunrise Timelapse Video

I woke up early and noticed that the Space Needle was covered in fog so I got up and headed to Kerry park.  I set up my Sony a7r2 and Zeiss 85 Otus for a time lapse video.  I also took some stills with my other Sony a7r.  #timelapse #video #zeiss

Seattle Sunrise Panorama with a Tribute To France

We had a small clear weather window this morning and I headed to Kerry Park, a famous spot in Seattle for its view.  I have been using the Zeiss 85mm Otus on my Sony a7r2 for panoramas and have been very happy with it.  I simply rotate it on my Acratech ballhead and use the shots to create a pano in LR.  #seattle #france #panorama #zeiss

Seattle sunrise panorama from kerry park

…and an earlier non pano shot

Seattle sunrise in French Colors from Kerry Park

Mount Rainier Sunrise Reflection Timelapse Video

Timelapse video of sunrise at Mount Rainier reflected in a small lake. I think I’ve spent two days now cleaning all the mosquitoes out of the 1900 shots that make up this video. Of course I left a few in to give it a real feel.  Sony a7r and Zeiss 16-35mm at 16mm.  Thanks ‪#‎lightroom‬ and ‪#‎photoshop‬

Park Butte This Morning

I had heard that Park Butte, the area south of Mount Baker was clear of snow. So I decided to hike in last night and catch both sunset and sunrise. I’m glad I brought my Zpacks 10 degree down sleeping bag and down jacket since it was rather nippy. I also used this trip to test out my new Inreach SE Satellite 2way communicator. All in all a great hike and nice early start to this morning.

A tarn near  Park Butte just as the sun crested the ridge.

A tarn near Park Butte just as the sun crested the ridge.

Burning Seattle Sunset Timelapse Video from the Columbia Center’s Sky View Observatory

This gets really good towards the end.  So glad I stayed a little past when the sun went down.  Zeiss 16-35mm and Sony a7r camera.

One of the still shots from the 1500 images used for this timelapse:


Our Southwest Adventure – Second Stop – Zion National Park

I really hadn’t thought much past the Grand Canyon stop as far as photo opportunities.  The weather along the North Rim was disappointingly overcast.  Our next hotel was Flanigans, located right outside of Zion and I figured I could scout around and find some compositions.  Driving through the park, however, to get there was an absolute revelation and the sights would become the highlight of our trip.  Definitely going back as we only scratched the surface. #zion

DSC06671_hdr DSC06762_stitchsmaller


Mount Rainier Sunrise from Tacoma

On a recent trip through Tacoma, I spotted a potential composition putting sunrise skies behind Rainier.  It would of course require me to drive down there at an unreal hour to capture this. I finally got there and captured some nice light behind the mountain.  Sony a7r and Zeiss 100-300m lens at about 135mm. #mountrainier #mrnp

Mount Rainier Sunrise from Tacoma