Fuji GFX50s Camera Sunrises and Sunsets

I have to admit my Sony a7r2 has been abandoned in the gear closet.  Why would I do this in favor of the relatively massive Fuji GFX50s and lenses?  Image quality.  Details, tones and colors.  Mostly how all this adds up to spectacular sunrise and sunset captures.  The GFX50s has been thrilling me with how it captures one of my favorite subjects:  Landscape sunrises and sunsets.

These images really take me Back There and what the Fuji does with colors, details and tones in Velvia setting is simply beautiful to me.

Some recent samples:

Mount Rainier Sunrise Lenticular Clouds


Another one of my favorite sunrise/sunset destinations. I hiked up in the evening to the summit of the peak and wondered at views of not only Rainier, but also Adams and St Helens. The wildfires to the west made the sunset a red dot one, but still awesome. I woke up the next morning to a huge lenticular cloud hovering over Rainier and quickly got busy taking photos. Also spotted a mom bear and two cubs on the switchback trail to Pinnacle Saddle. They disappeared as the more hikers arrived, but I warned everyone anyway. Back at my car, time to load up and get out of the area as literally hundreds of cars streamed into the park.


Seattle Foggy Sunrise Timelapse Video

I woke up early and noticed that the Space Needle was covered in fog so I got up and headed to Kerry park.  I set up my Sony a7r2 and Zeiss 85 Otus for a time lapse video.  I also took some stills with my other Sony a7r.  #timelapse #video #zeiss