Rainier from the Fremont Lookout Sunset

Hiked out to the Fremont lookout last night from the Sunrise parking lot. The trail and road to it are in great shape and we only had two neighbors at the lookout and they left quickly. Lots of well fed pikas working the trail relentlessly ūüôā We got about half way back and put on headlamps. We ran into quite a few milky way shooters on the way back down. I tried to assure one guy’s wife, huddled in a blanket, that it would be over soon. She seemed skeptical. A very pleasant outing. On a side note: Getting back into Seattle about 1am and finding No Traffic was absolutely sublime. Like the old days.

Another note:  HIGHLY recommend the Pie Goddess in Enumclaw for a pre- or post-hike treat


Shuksan Alpenglow – Zeiss 85mm Otus

Hiked up to Artist’s Point last night in my Sorels. ¬†Followed the well worn boot path to the top and caught some nice alpen glow along Shuksan and Table Mountain. ¬†Tried out my new 900 lumen headlamp on the way down and it really lights up the path. ¬†This is a spectacular hike and highly recommended.Mount Shuksan Alpenglow Zeiss 85mm Otus

Mount Shuksan dusk panorama Zeiss 85mm Otus

Zeiss 85 Otus Headshots in Seattle

Spent some time last week in downtown Seattle doing casual corporate headshots.  I rented a 24-70 but as soon as the client saw the Zeiss 85 Otus shots, that went back in the bag.  These were done with natural light and Sony A7R2.  #headshots #zeiss

Seattle Foggy Sunrise Timelapse Video

I woke up early and noticed that the Space Needle was covered in fog so I got up and headed to Kerry park.  I set up my Sony a7r2 and Zeiss 85 Otus for a time lapse video.  I also took some stills with my other Sony a7r.  #timelapse #video #zeiss

My Southeast Asia Travels – Siem Reap at Night

After my daily routine of sunrise and sunset chasing, I spent some time in downtown Siem Reap around Pub Street. ¬†It is touristy, but not quite as bad as other areas I’ve visited. ¬†Lots to eat and lots to drink, and people to watch. ¬†I brought the Sony a7r2 and Zeiss 85mm Otus wide open to see what I could capture.

cambodia siem reap tuk tuk Cambodia Siem Reap bug eating Child and Screen downtown Siem Reap Cambodia Siem Reap Cmbodia Cat

Natural Light Senior Portraits: My Niece Lauren

Its that time of the year for Senior Portraits and my niece asked me to take a few photos.  These are handheld, natural light shots using the Sony A7R2 and Zeiss 85mm Otus which is manual focus.  I think they turned out pretty well especially since I rarely do this kind of thing.  #portraits #classof2016 #seniorpictures #seniors

zeiss natural light senior portraits zeiss natural light senior portraits zeiss natural light senior portraits zeiss natural light senior portraits

Mount St. Helens Dusk Flyover

Had the chance recently to fly around Mt Rainier and St Helens around sunset.  I was really struck by how the devastation around Helens looked from the air.  Sony a7r and Zeiss 16-35mm Mike Reid Photography #mtsthelens35years #mtsthelens

aerial mount st helens washington aerial mount st helens washington aerial mount st helens washington aerial mount st helens washington