London and Paris Redux

My last visit to these two cities was years ago.  I had just gotten my first serious camera, a Canon Digital Rebel and kit lens.  I got some nice shots and promised myself I would be back.

I learned I was going to visit them again about two months ago and started researching shots and locales.  I also put together a gear list.  Three weeks ago, Zeiss had provided me with a 28mm f/1.4 Otus and I knew this would be prime hunting grounds for this gem of a lens.  My camera pack came together like this:


Bag full of Zeiss goodness headed to Europe

So the adventure began on the 14th and started in London, where we had rented an airnbn with a great view.

London along the Thames night view of the Tower Bridge

Next night it was up to the Shard for some handheld night shots of the city.  The 85mm Otus was my savior for sharp night shots from above.

Zeiss 85mm Otus handheld night shot of the Tower Bridge from the Shard

Zeiss 85mm Otus handheld night shot of the St Pauls and the Thames from the Shard

Really an amazing place, the Shard.  The next day we were off to the Tower to see how the 28mm Otus did.  More on that later  🙂


Lake Tipsoo Timelapse

A bit of timelapse video from a recent visit to Lake Tipsoo.  Nicely thawing out as you can see.  Sony a7r II and Zeiss 16-35mm

Where Magazine Cover and A Movie Prop

One of my favorites taken from the Sky View Observatory recently made the cover of the January 2016 Where Seattle Magazine.  Not only that, Universal Studios contacted me to use the image and the cover in their upcoming 50 Shades movie.  A great day all in all.where seattle magazine cover photography sky view observatory mike reid

Zeiss 85 Otus Headshots in Seattle

Spent some time last week in downtown Seattle doing casual corporate headshots.  I rented a 24-70 but as soon as the client saw the Zeiss 85 Otus shots, that went back in the bag.  These were done with natural light and Sony A7R2.  #headshots #zeiss

Seattle Sunrise Panorama with a Tribute To France

We had a small clear weather window this morning and I headed to Kerry Park, a famous spot in Seattle for its view.  I have been using the Zeiss 85mm Otus on my Sony a7r2 for panoramas and have been very happy with it.  I simply rotate it on my Acratech ballhead and use the shots to create a pano in LR.  #seattle #france #panorama #zeiss

Seattle sunrise panorama from kerry park

…and an earlier non pano shot

Seattle sunrise in French Colors from Kerry Park

My Southeast Asia Travels – Road to Siem Reap

So my plan was to leave Phnom Penh and get to Siem Reap, my next stop, via taxi.  I hired a driver and the trip was supposed to take about 5 hours.  It took 7 and was amazingly scenic along the way.  The trip was alot like going to Agra from Delhi in India.  Very few rules, just drive and everyone expects the unexpected.  A video of the trip:

…and a live pig being transported on the back of a scooter:

pig on scooter on the road to siem reap cambodia

Enchantments Lakes Basin Fall Colors with Zeiss 85mm Otus and Sony a7r2

The Enchantments Lakes Basin is one of the toughest and most rewarding hikes in Washington.  Once you’ve been up there, it’s hard to stay away as the larches turn golden in late September.  This year I decided to take two cameras, three lenses and two tripods.  I was particularly excited to see how the Zeiss 85mm Otus would capture the detail and the glow of the larches as they showed off their autumn palette.

I camped overnight and eagerly anticipated the morning light.  About an hour before sunrise, I headed out with the Otus mounted via Metabones on my Sony a7r2.  I tried to capture not only the broad landscape of fall colors but also the closeup details of the larches and their reflections in the lake.  Once the light had passed and the sun was overhead, I could barely wait to see how the shots had turned out. Mike Reid Photography

zeiss otus larches fall colors enchantments northwest landscape zeiss otus larches fall colors enchantments northwest landscape zeiss otus larches fall colors enchantments northwest landscape zeiss otus larches fall colors enchantments northwest landscape zeiss otus larches fall colors enchantments northwest landscape zeiss otus larches fall colors enchantments northwest landscape